Rig Life – Chapter 2

Chad and I hit the road again on Thursday. We were meeting the boys at a truck stop in South San Francisco, the very same truck stop that hosted the first of our rig dance parties and more than a few bad decisions.

Traveling with Chad brought back childhood memories of travelling with my family. My dad would speed by attractions without even touching the brakes, saying “Hey kids, that was Disneyland!” or ‘Did you see that [insert really cool thing here.]” and we would crane our necks to see what was now out the rear window.

Chad doesn’t like to stop. I learned to time my water intake and subsequent restroom needs with the gas gauge, guzzling water when we hit a quarter of a tank and crossing my fingers (and legs) that I had the timing right. I looked longingly out the window as things like the turn off to the scenic route, Jiggles Strip Club, baby goats, Segway tours and dinner all flew by.


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